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Product Feature

UBPack product has an environment friendly appearance with natural earth tone color. In the average natural environment, product will be biodegrade in 6-12 months.

ProductBiodegradable Packaging
MaterailNatural Cassava Starch and Natural Fiber (Bamboo)
BiodegradabilityComposted with food waste
ColorNatural Brown Color
Environmental Impact No bleaching and chemical
No cutting down tree or forest
Use minimum water in the process
Can be developed to mix with several agriculture waste
Thickness2.5 mm
Property 1. Rigid and Sturdy which give safety feeling while holding or using especially with hot food
2. Temperature tolerant from -20°c up to 100°c
3. Help preserve the food temperature
4. User can easily hold the packaging with hot drink or food inside
5. There’s no water drop from condensation when using with ice.
6. Contain food for 6-24 hr.
7. Microwave safe : Recommend 5 mins with 800-100 watts
8. Oven safe: Recommend 15 mins with temperature not more than 200°c (the color of the product can be changed after 5 mins)