Fact Sheet
Product Feature
UBPack is multi-purpose packaging. Due to our starch base structure, it can be use in variety of application

Environmental friendly appearance
Natural earth tone color. Can produce under other color by food grade color but recommend to use this standard natural earth tone.
“No chemical” even in “process”.
Biodegradable within 90 days after bury into the ground. Complying to EU regulation.

Ambient temperature as “temporary food container”
Use for foodservice for any type of food and drinks.
Insulation properties to protect heat from food or hot drinks.
Support all shape of food container such as plate, bowl, cup tray etc. Except utensils.
Easy to hand from its rigid shape and structure.
Resistant on hot or cold liquid food for temporary use. At least 6 hours.

Resistant to variety of food processing
Ovenable, not higher than 200 C.
Chill resistant under moisted refrigerated environment.
Resistant to freezing process.

Heat sealable with aluminum foil or plastic film (with adhesive).